Feel the Lapland all the way. Try forest skis and snow shoes in the beautiful forests. Get a catch with ice fishing and get taste of driving snowmobile. Or when it is less snow or ice hike in the wilderness to see nice landscape view over the hills, have a nice heat in the tent sauna and swim in a river. Eat local soup and bread with fire.

Duration: 5-7 hours
Group size: 2-20
Price: 120€ Children under 13, 90€
Price include: Guidance, snacks & meal, towels and warm clothes, helmets, transportation, insurance, VAT (ca. 4 kilometer ride with snowmobile / person)


Visit to reindeer farm. Get good feelings while driving with reindeer. Hear mystical stories of reindeers and Lapland. Have coffee and cookies in kota with warm fire.
Price: 65€
Including 400m drive with reindeer, visit to farm and feeding the reindeers, transportation from city of Rovaniemi for minimum of 2 persons.


Starting from middle of city Rovaniemi. Snowshoes to the foots and heading up the River Ounasjoki about 1 kilometer to fishing place. Hole to the ice worm to hook and starting fishing. Catch is usually perch. Warm drink is including the price.
Duration 2,5 hours
Days Daily
Price 40e, Including Snowshoes, fishing guide and warm juice, warm clothes in extra price

Valid in safe Ice conditions



Litle car move from your hotel to the Santavaara arctic hill. Snowshoes to the foot and walking 2 km to top of Santavaara. From the top opens landscape in every compass point and is good possibility to see northern lights. If sky is cloudy is still able to see beautiful scenery to city of Rovaniemi and valley of Big river Ounasjoki. Along the way warm drink with nice fireplace and traditional finish ruisleipä with butter as a snack.

Duration 3-4 hours
Days Daily
Price 80e

Notice if land is without snow, walking happens without snowshoes, then price includes rubber boots.


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